Narendra Bhawan – White-Nights, Bikaner, Rajasthan

White Nights of the Rajputs

The night sky is at its most beautiful in the desert; a firmament filled with blinking stars lighting up the darkness and this is most profound on the nights of purnimasi – the splendour of the full moon. Celebrated since time immemorial – the white nights of the Rajputs is a renewed tradition.

On full moon nights when the firmament is aglow with the light of the moon and the dazzling trajectories of shooting stars, a resplendent dinner is served to you in the entirely charming Ratadia Talai. In keeping with traditional banqueting from this Rajput desert kingdom, subtle delicacies and fiery flavours are intended to excite the palate as you dine a la deux or in company under a natural, unrivalled canopy lit by white blinking lights; a feast for Kings.